Yearbook Dedication 24

This year's Dedication goes to Mrs. Van Glad.  Mrs. Van Glad has been a teacher at Jefferson Central School for 27 years. She truly cares about her students.  She stays after school and always calls home if students are falling behind. She truly loves her job and it shows, as she is always finding new ways to make topics interesting.  She is a good listener and is always there for her students.  

Some of the students candid moments with Mrs. Van Glad are:  When she was swinging high on the circle swing, Frost Valley, Explaining Darwinism by using different objects to pick up seeds, helping with Earth Science and bringing pizza in for the regents. 

Frost Valley Memories:

Playing cards past bedtime, crossing the rickety bridge, doing fortnite emotes with other schools there, identifying creatures in the pond, staying up and playing spoons.

Some of Mrs. Van Glad’s famous sayings:

“Use your reference tables”  

“I don’t give out homework-it’s classwork you didn’t finish” 

“I am an Earth Science teacher, don’t take it for granite,” 

“Come on guys.”

Fun Facts About Mrs. Van Glad:

*I’m always nervous about the first day. Then, I walk into the building and feel at home and a calm comes over me. That’s when I realize I’m in the right place in the right profession.

*The best thing about being a teacher is getting to know all my students. I’ve been teaching at JCS for so long I have had some of their parents as students.

*Well everyone pretty much knows I have an identical twin sister. Some have even met her. What they might be surprised about is that I love kayaking, swimming, skiing and I teach Driver Education. Also, I’m going to have my first grandchild this  summer, which is exciting.