Alumni News - JCS Memorabilia


PO BOX 245 JEFFERSON, NY 12093 (alumni link)
Facebook: @JeffersonCSAlumni

President – Lynn Hait     Vice President – Judy Ferris Grant Minckler     
Secretary – Callan Little     Treasurer – Bobbi Schmitt
Historian - Stephanie Smith

In 2018 the Jefferson Central School Alumni Association elected a Historian to the board in an attempt to preserve JCS memorabilia that represents the school and its history. We are trying to collect historical photos, keepsakes, jewelry, and other souvenirs that alums have kept through the years!

A few examples include: Uniforms, letter sweaters, yearbooks, photographs, school certificates, JCS event programs, report cards, J-Pins or other jewelry, banners and pennants, artwork, JCS declarations, talent show and science fair materials, remembrances, newspaper articles, school  play posters, postcards, trophies, game-balls, annual meeting and budget materials, megaphones, and sports memorabilia!

If you or a family member have items you wish to donate to the association for safe-keeping please give our Historian, Stephanie Smith, a call at (607)652-7519 or send her an email at [email protected]