JCS Nonselection Appeals Process

JCS Nonselection Appeals Process

Nonselected students can appeal the decision but must register the appeals request with the chapter adviser within 10 school days.  The appeals process is as follows:

1. Contact the chapter adviser who will provide immediate feedback for the reason of nonselection.  If not satisfied, an appeals request can be made with the advisor. 

2. Once appeals request is made, the chapter adviser will review the summary notes of the Faculty Council session to provide further feedback for reason of nonselction.  If not satisfied,

3. Appealee will have a discussion with the principal about concerns of nonselection.  The principal will then speak with the Chapter adviser before deciding on the outcome.

Possible outcomes can include but are not limited to:

  • Rejection of the appeal; sustaining of the original judgment
  • Request from the principal for the Faculty Council to reconsider the case
  • A change in the decision, resulting in the selection of the student in question
  • An overturning of the Faculty Council’s decision by the administration
  • Referring the appeal, following rejection, to the next step in the local school hierarchy, e.g., superintendent