Health Office

NEW COVID POLICY Effective February 11, 2022

We have reviewed our protocols for how staff members and students return to school following an illness. Given the current guidance and information available, we are updating our procedures. We hope these new protocols will keep our students in school as much as  possible, while also continuing to limit the transmission of illness within our school. 

Effective Friday, February 11, our protocols for staff and students will be as follows: Absent from school or is sent home due to COVID-19 symptoms:

The student/staff member can return to school if symptoms are improving and with one of  the following: 

A lab-interpreted negative test result from a testing site, doctor’s office, pharmacy, etc. OR 

Two negative test results using at-home rapid tests. The tests must be taken 36 hours apart, and the parent/guardian or staff member must complete an attestation form affirming the test is being reported to the district accurately. Forms can be found below under QUICK LINKS

Tests positive for COVID-19:

The student/staff member should report the result to the Schoharie County Department of  Health and can return to school when: 

The student/staff member has remained home for five days from the onset of symptoms  (or from the date of the positive test result, if the individual has no symptoms). 


The student/staff member’s symptoms are improving. 

Has been exposed to COVID-19, but has no symptoms.

For now, we are urging anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19 to closely monitor for symptoms. Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, regardless of whether there  has been a known exposure, should stay home from school. 

Your cooperation with all of our health and safety procedures continues to be sincerely appreciated.

Health Services

Health Appraisals:

  • NYS Education Laws require all new entrants and students in grade Pre K, K, 1,3,5,7,9, & 11 to have an updated physical exam on file. The physical must be completed by a NYS licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physicians assistant on the NYS approved health appraisal form. 
  • A copy of the health exam must be provided to the school within 30 days from when your child starts. If it is not provided, the school will contact you and an exam will be performed by the school's medical director or designee (nurse practitioner/physicians assistant).
  • Any student who wishes to participate in sports or apply for working papers must have an updated physical on file at the school that is no more than 12 months old.

Health Screenings:

  • NYS Education Law requires vision and hearing screenings for new entrants and grades Pre K, K, 1,3,5,7, & 11, within six months of starting school if not already documented on the health appraisal provided by your child’s primary care physician.
  • These are preliminary screenings designed to help identify early hearing/visual difficulties.
  •  Parents/guardians will be notified of results and any further recommendations.

Health Alerts and Allergies:

  • It is important that the school nurse be aware of any medical conditions that your child has. This includes existing medical conditions (ex: diabetes, asthma, ADHD) and any allergies. Please keep the school nurse updated on any changes in your medical conditions, allergies, and/or medications so that your child can be properly treated if needed. 


  • Please do not send your child to school if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Excessive cough or shortness of breath

Runny or stuffy nose/sneezing

Complaints of a sore throat or headache

Temperature > 100 F


Complaints of stomach pain, diarrhea or vomiting

  •  Students may return to school when there is significant improvement in symptoms. A student must be 24 hours free of fever, diarrhea, or vomiting without medications before returning to school.
  • For extended sickness (ex: flu) please send in a doctor's note stating the reason and the dates to be excused.

During the day:

  • If your child comes to school sick and it has been determined that you child must go home, it is the parents responsibility to provide transportation.
  • Please complete or update contact information each year when the form is sent to you and if there is ever a change in emergency contact (s) or new telephone number(s) during the school year. 


  • Attendance is taken by homeroom teachers for grades K-4 once daily. Attendance is taken each period for grades 5-12. 
  • If your child comes in late or leaves early, please make sure to sign the sheet located in the front office, specifically designating the time and reason in order to properly track attendance.
  • A robocall will be sent out if your child is marked absent.
  • Please call or send in a note the next day to explain your child's absence


  • NYS Department of Health has mandated immunizations that children must receive in order to attend school. If a child is missing a mandated immunization the parent/guardian will be notified. The child has 14 days from the start of school to receive the missing vaccine or that child will not be allowed to attend school, which is a NYSDOH requirement. 
  • Effective September 1, 2016, only medical exemptions for mandated vaccines are permissible.
  • Vaccine requirement reminders

Sixth graders require a Tdap booster after age 11

Prior to 8th grade, 1st dose of meningococcal vaccine due

Prior to 12th grade, 2nd dose of meningitis vaccine due


  • Every attempt should be made for children to take prescribed medications before or after school.  In the event that a medication is specifically prescribed for a time during the school day there are procedures required by NYSED to administer medications in school, this includes over the counter medications, prescribed medications, and as needed medications. 
  • Medications need to brought to school in original packaging, with a label that includes child's name, medication name, time to be given, dosage, and duration
  • Medication must be accompanied by an order form the physician AND a note from the parent requesting the school or a trained unlicensed professional to administer the medication. 
  • Students are not allowed to self-carry medications except those deemed “emergency medicine” (ie: epipen)
  • During a field trip any student that is self-directed, the medication will be carried by a chaperone or teacher. Students who are not self-directed must have one of the following:

Parent attending the trip to administer medication

Designated adult that does not work for the school, in writing, administer medication to your child

Permission from physician or parent/guardian to skip dose of medication for the field trip

Or a licensed professional must accompany the child on the field trip. 

Body Mass Index (BMI):

  • The state requires the school to report BMI on students in grades pre-K, K, 1,3,5,7,9, and 11 for statistical purposes. No personal data is used. Parents/guardians can wish to opt out by notifying the school nurse.