Business Office

Faculty and Staff: Please see below for important forms and links

OMNI 403(b):  In the blue box at the bottom left corner of the page, select New York and enter Jefferson School District to access information about the district's 403(b) plan and participating providers. Related forms are also available through this link.

NYS Teachers' Retirement System:   Everything you need to know about your retirement (for Teachers and Licensed Teaching Assistants).

NY State & Local Retirement System:   Retirement information & forms for non-instructional staff.

Health Insurance Plan Document This 88-page document contains all the details of the district's health plan.

Health Insurance Schedule of Benefits:   This provides the information you really want to know, organized into a nice little chart.

Affordable Care Act:  You and your family have many new low cost, quality health insurance options available through the Individual Marketplace.  See for more information.