Social Studies
Social Studies

Early Peoples
Complex Civilizations
       Maya Math
       Interactive Aztecs
       Interactive Inca
       Interactive Maya

European Exploration
Unit 2 Lesson 1 links
        Mr. Nussbaum's Explorers Book for Kids
        History Now Study Aid: Major European Explorers
        The Ages of Exploration: The Mariners' Museum and Park

American Revolution
Declaration of Independence Internet Scavenger Hunt Web Quest:
#1-3 #4 and 5
#6 and 7 #8-14
U.S. Government Web Quest
#10-14 #15-18 #19 + 20
US Citizenship Quiz
US Government Games - 4 choices
Types of Gov't Table info
Gov't Types Around the World

Westward Expansion
Westward Expansion Internet Scavenger Hunt Web Quest
Corrine And The California Gold Rush

Civil War
Web Quest -
Comparing US and Confederate Constitutions
Simplified comparing + Contrasting US and Confederate Constitutions
Emancipation Proclamation
Facts about the Emancipation Proclamation


Fact Monster - Countries
World Climates
World Atlas - Country landforms
Ducksters - Geography
Take a Seat - Road Trip Geography
World Landforms

State Projects

AAA State of Play - 50 States
Ducksters - USA
Sheppard Software
50 States
50 States Map Quiz
Southeast Region Quiz
States and Capitals by region Quiz
Virtual Tour- Wyoming
US State Capital Buildings to Scale
US States and Capitals