Helpful Links

Helpful Links

 Here you will find links to websites that are fun, educational, and engaging.  Enjoy!

Math Playground
PBS Math
Fun Brain
Primary Games - 5th grade
Cool Math - games
ixl - math

Story Nory - audiobooks
Children's Storybooks - audiobooks
Loyal Books - audiobooks
Storyline Online - audiobooks
Primary Games - ela
Fun Brain - ela
Turtle Diary
Into The Book
Groundhog Day
Types of Sentences

Social Studies
American Revolution
Declaration of Independence Internet Scavenger Hunt Web Quest:
#1-3 #4 and 5
#6 and 7 #8-14
U.S. Government Web Quest
#10-14 #15-18 #19 + 20
US Gov't Games
US Citizenship Quiz
US Government Games - 4 choices
Types of Gov't Table info
Gov't Types Around the World
Westward Expansion
Westward Expansion Internet Scavenger Hunt Web Quest

Fact Monster - Countries
World Climates
World Atlas - Country landforms
Ducksters - Geography
Take a Seat - Road Trip Geography
World Landforms
State Projects
AAA State of Play - 50 States
Ducksters - USA
Sheppard Software
50 States
50 States Map Quiz
Southeast Region Quiz
States and Capitals by region Quiz
US State Capital Buildings to Scale
US States and Capitals
Civil War
Web Quest -
Comparing US and Confederate Constitutions
Simplified comparing + Contrasting US and Confederate Constitutions
Emancipation Proclamation
Facts about the Emancipation Proclamation

National Geographic - Kids
STEM Works
NASA Space
San Diego Zoo - Animals
National Geographic Kids - Animals
A-Z Animals
Kid Planet - Animals
Constellation Legends
Stars WebQuest
1. Life Cycle of a Star 2. Life Cycle of a Star 3. Why do Stars Twinkle? 4. The Closest Stars 5. Constellations Astronomy Games
Brightness (Magnitude) of Stars
Periodic Table: It's Elemental
Periodic Table - FunBrain
Interactives: The Periodic Table
Earth's Layers
Plate Tectonics Web Quest
World Biomes
The Great Plant Escape
Carbon Cycle
Oxygen Cycle
Nitrogen Cycle
Carbon Cycle PDF
Mission Biomes
Ecosystem Interactive Game
Weathering Webquest
Part 1: weathering vs erosion vs deposition
Part 2: Grand Canyon
Part 3: Shape it Up
Part 4: Forces of Nature - Destructive or Constructive?
Erosion and Weathering Games

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STAR Assessment