Superintendent's News Update

September 16, 2016


Dear Parent (s)/ Guardian (s):

I am writing this letter to update you on the mathematics position that was recently vacated in the Jefferson Central School District.  As you recall, over the summer both of the JCS math teachers accepted positions in other school districts.  We opened the search and was able to secure Christine Seals for one of those positions.  We have not been able to find a viable candidate for the other position.  After exhausting all options for hiring, we have decided to reschedule our existing staff to accommodate our students’ needs. 

We have made the following adjustments:

Ms. Seals will be adding Algebra 2m, Pre-Calc. and Math 8 to her schedule (we will not be running a section of AIS Math and agriculture math)

Mr. Palmer will be adding Algebra II/ Trig and Algebra 1m to his schedule

Mrs. Van Glad will be adding 7th Grade Skills to her schedule (this course was previously taught by Ms. Seals)

The Jefferson Central School District feels very strongly about developing a robust academic program which includes a solid math program which meets all of the state mandated courses as well as a variety of elective offerings that meet the needs and interests of the JCS students.  We will continue the search for a high quality math teacher throughout the course of the school year with hopes of filling the position with a strong individual by the 2017-2018 school year if not sooner. At this point we have all math courses which are required, covered by a certified math teacher.

On behalf of the Jefferson Central School District, I apologize that we were not able to start the school year off with a full-time qualified math teacher, however I assure you we will do everything in our ability to assist our students moving forward. If you would like to further discuss this with me please contact me at (607) 652-7821.




Brian M. Corey

Superintendent of Schools

Jefferson Central School District


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